It’s Always Sunny at Grinduro

It’s Always Sunny at Grinduro

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A race? A ride? Whatever. Grinduro is an event for anyone who likes to have a good time around two wheels. This year was no exception as the weather rolled in for a monumental day on the bike - and a most excellent party off the bike.

Taylor Phinney

Taylor Phinney Grinduro 2019

“My weekend was rad! It was refreshing to be at a bike event where everyone there was just stoked to go out and do something new in difficult conditions. The rest stops were almost too good!”

Taylor Phinney Grinduro Gravel Grinder

 “It started to rain just as I was finishing dinner after the event (around 8pm) and I went to the horse stable that I had staked my tent in to rest my back... I then woke up at 2am and the party was still raging. I slept 11.5 hours after the Grinduro ride so I think that should tell you all you need to know.”

Taylor Phinney Grinduro 2019

“Great to see sponsors getting behind these events as I feel like this is the future of cycling least for me ;) go ride your bike, HAVE FUN and take your time. What a concept.”


Laura King

Photo courtesy of  The Radavist

Photo courtesy of The Radavist

“Returning to California always feels like a homecoming to me. While Vermont has become our new home, we left a community that we love and a place where I truly fell in love with riding. It’s one of the most diverse places to ride a bike and there’s even something about the way it smells that keeps me reminiscing and nostalgic for life there.”

Grinduro 2019 Quincy California Laura King

“Currently, life is undergoing some changes for Ted and me as we are expecting a baby girl next March. My personality tends toward hard-charging, so it’s been a mental shift for me to approach riding with a more relaxed mindset and new expectations.”

Laura King Pregnant Athlete Cyclist Grinduro

“Grinduro was the perfect event to help with that transition: while Grinduro’s style of riding is relaxed, promotes riding with friends and casually stopping at aid stations, it certainly doesn’t take away from the challenge aspects of the event—altitude, 9k feet of climbing, technical descending and even some rain and snow were around to keep us from getting through the day too easily, oh and my growing bump was there to remind me that going uphill only gets a little harder every week.”

Quincy California Beautiful View
California Gravel Bike Race
Laura King Pregnant Athlete Cyclist
California Singletrack Gravel Race

“Pregnancy for the athlete can be a challenging time of shifting expectations and so being able to be out in the community with “my people”, no matter how uncomfortable the elements or terrain might be had me appreciating feeling shades of normal.”

Cyclists Campfire California Gravel Bike Race

“To be able to navigate the terrain- the steep, endless climbs and the single track descents, it gives me a feeling of power and confidence that I crave during a time of many changes. This time, I defined my own goals on the time segments: to ride confidently, safe and powerful without taking any undue risks. The Topstone was a worthy steed for this challenge, smoothing the ride on the descents and keeping me feeling efficient on the climbs.” 

Laura King Pregnant Gravel Bike Race

“Life is full of seasons and while riding is always therapy, we may not always be firing on all cylinders in top race form because priorities shift. As I experience a new season, I’m thankful Cannondale is supporting the types of events that encourage inclusivity. Injuries, new jobs, divorce, pregnancy and 25 hour training weeks happen—whatever season of life you’re in, Grinduro is the type of event where you can show up and enjoy the party.”

Rainbow California Bike Race

Ted King

Ted King Grinduro Cannondale Topstone Sunset

“There’s a special place in my heart for small mountain towns out west. I don’t know if it’s from training out through these dusty quiet hamlets from a previous lifetime or the straight shootin’ locals, but there’s a feeling of being on a 1849 two-wheeled gold rush when I head up to Quincy, CA.”

Quincy California Rolling Hills Green Pine Trees
Gravel Bike Race Donuts
Grinduro Gravel Bike Race Rainbow
Gravel Bike Quincy California Pine Trees Rolling Hills

“If I’m going to make the trip all the way across the country from Vermont to the high Sierras, I’m going to prioritize a keen focus on my equipment being entirely dialed and being darn sure I’m having a good time from arrival to departure.”

Ted King Grinduro 2019 Gravel Bike Cannondale Topstone Purple Bike

“My Grinduro issued Topstone Carbon was set to stoke-level 11. I had it built up a mullet drivetrain, SRAM Red eTap up front paired with AXS Eagle in the rear for an enormous gear range over 60 incredibly varied miles of topography. I’ve been toying around back home with new 650b Zipp carbon hoops and Rene Herse 48c tire. Measuring north of 2 inches inflated, this bike is a party on two wheels. The glistening Ted Burgundy Grinduro purple looks especially sweet with shimmers of carbon fiber shining depending on the angle and sunlight.” 

Ted King Cannondale Topstone Carbon Purple Gravel Bike Grassy Field

 “All said and done, I had a great 3.8 out of 4 sectors. My only bump in the road of an otherwise silky pedal was a particularly sharp rock resulting in a slow leak flat on stage 2. I regretfully had to pull over and gas it up with a quick CO2 blast. I was back rolling maybe 20 seconds later and it sealed up this time around. I got back rolling with a magnificent sprint back to max speed. The other 0.1 less opportune moment was when another flat about 600m from the line caused me to ride the rim slowly and cautiously to the finish line. All said and done maybe a minute was lost on stage two.” 

Grinduro 2019 Cannondale Sponsor After Party Bike Race

“But that’s where priority number two comes to play. Regardless of the results, it’s always time to have fun. Catching up with friends from our time living in California is always an enormous highlight. The cycling world is so tight knit that a month away or year is like no time at all. A slow roll back to the finish after what was the most gnarly conditions I’ve ever experienced in my four Grinduros — hail, rain, sleet, fog, and even some sun — is when the party at HQ really kicks into gear late into the night.” 

Bike Race Campfire Grinduro 2019
Grinduro 2019 Bike Race Live Music Purple Blue Stage Lights
Grinduro 2019 Bike Race Live Music Purple Blue Stage Lights
Grinduro 2019 Bike Race Live Music Purple Blue Stage Lights
Grinduro 2019 Bike Race Live Music Purple Blue Stage Lights

Tydeman Newman

“Grinduro California is done and dusted! Or should I say snowed!! This is always one of my favorite weekends of the year and probably one of the best bike races on the planet. It’s the perfect combination of actual racing and hanging out and shredding bikes with all my friends.”

Grinduro 2019 Gravel Bike Race Jump Air Dirt

“This year was absolutely wild; crazy weather made it quite the day to remember. Getting to the top of the second major climb of the day and seeing the snow falling was just surreal. It became a true adventure as we were all huddling around the trash can fire, trying to thaw out before we had to drop into nearly 10 miles of shredding snowy singletrack!” 

Gravel Bike Race Campfire
Gravel Bike Race Snow Singletrack Quincy California

“Having Cannondale this year was the icing on the cake. It’s super rad to have them starting to support this type of racing. Gravel racing, and more specifically this type of riding where it’s half fun and half race is the future of cycling.“

Tydeman Newman Grinduro 2019 Giro
Muddy Dirty Gravel Bike Cannondale Topstone
Bicycle Photography California Bike Race
Adventure Bike Ride Race Tydeman Newman downhill beautiful California
Gravel Bike Water Bike Photography Wet Rocks

“To have Cannondale out there spreading stoke was really rad. It was also super cool to see that all the donations from the Spoke Easy were going to Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship! They help build and maintain hundreds of miles of trail in the Sierra Buttes that we are so fortunate to ride and race on each year. I’m already stoked for next year and can’t wait to rip it with more people!!!”

Grinduro 2019 Finish Line Bike Race
Pizza Water Float Swimming
Bike Race Saddlebag Yellow
Photo courtesy of  The Radavist

Photo courtesy of The Radavist

Bike Race Media Dirty Muddy


Bike Racers California LA Team CNCPT
Bike Racers California LA Team CNCPT

“I smiled more than I frowned, I felt the warmth of friendship and comradery more than the brutal cold of the snow storm, and I wanted the day to last as long as the climbs. Cannondale supporting events like Grinduro shows that they believe that everyone, no matter their cycling pedigree should be able to experience pro-level support and competition on world class terrain regardless if it’s their 1st race or their 100th. Because at the end of the day, we’re just playing bikes, right ?” - Alvin Escajeda

Bike Racer California LA Gravel

“Grinduro was crisp, fun, panoramic, and brutal with beams of smiles.  Every hill and descent I shared a brisk smile with my team, racers and the volunteers.  Way more than just a bike race, Cannondale as a supporting host to this alternative event with Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship shows growing strength in a diverse cycling community.” -Tim McGee

Scenery Mud Trail Green Pine Trees Quincy California
Purple Lights Grinduro 2019

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